EU Patients

European residents can now avoid the long waiting lists and get medical care in Zagreb in the best private clinic without any waiting time.

The EU Cross Border Healthcare Directive allows European patients to travel abroad for planned medical treatment in other EU countries.

To access healthcare in an EU country, the patient should ask for a referral letter from their doctor.

Once the medical treatment is undertaken, the patient can apply for a refund of costs from their healthcare insurance provider, either the national healthcare insurance company or a private one. The reimbursement usually covers all consultation, treatment, and rehabilitation costs up to the amount it would cost in the patient’s own country of residence.

Benefits of the Cross-Border Directive:

  • No waiting time
  • Treatment is best in private clinics
  • Free consultations with doctors
  • Cost is reimbursed by the local health insurance provider in the patient’s country of residence
  • Patients can apply for cost coverage even before the medical service
  • ZagrebMed assists in finding suitable doctors, arranging consultations and arranging the entire trip, without any cost to the patient.

Qualifying for the Cross Border Directive scheme 

The patient needs to:

  • Be an EU resident
  • Be entitled to the required medical procedure within their country of residence
  • Be either on a long waiting list for the needed medical procedure or in need to travel abroad in case the required medical procedure is not available in the country of residence
  • Be referred by your doctor or hospital GP or hospital
  • Provide a copy of a letter confirming that the patient is on the waiting list
  • Apply for repayment of your treatment costs after you have paid for it or apply for reimbursement of costs before the medical procedure

If you believe you qualify for the Cross Border Directive Scheme please fill in the requested information and attach all relevant documentation:

How does it work?

You will need to follow these guidelines for undergoing medical treatment in another EU country and claiming your reimbursement from your healthcare insurance provider:

  • As somebody who qualifies for public healthcare requests a letter of referral from a public health professional – your doctor
  • Send the medical documentation to ZagrebMed for assistance
  • ZagrebMed will provide the medical documentation to relevant doctors in Croatia
  • Treatment will be arranged with the doctor of the patient’s choosing
  • Apply for payment of the treatment based on the treatment proposal in Zagreb
  • ZagrebMed staff will assist you with all travel arrangements to Zagreb and during the entire treatment process.

Getting a Referral to Travel Abroad for Treatment

Your referral letter from your GP or hospital consultant must include:

  • The name and address of a hospital consultant
  • Your name, address and date of birth
  • Your current health status and any other relevant information about your condition
  • The healthcare you need
  • The GP or consultant's signature
  • The date of the referral letter

You are not needed to be referred to a specific overseas healthcare provider.

Arranging your Treatment Abroad

Once you have a referral letter, ZagrebMed will make all the arrangements to travel to Zagreb and begin your healthcare procedure.

Your medical documentation will be sent to relevant doctors within the ZagrebMed network based on your required treatment. You will then communicate with the doctor directly and clarify all questions regarding the treatment.

The doctor will then prepare an initial treatment plan based on which you are eligible to request payment from your healthcare insurance provider.

 Applying for Reimbursement

It is possible to ask for reimbursement of treatment costs for services performed before approval by your health insurance provider.

In this case, you must contact your health insurance provider to obtain a list of necessary documentation which will then be provided by ZagrebMed.

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