Dr. Leila Latic Hodzic


Dr. Leila Latić Hodžić has been working exclusively in the field of orthodontics for over 16 years. During her work experience, she successfully completed over 4,000 orthodontic therapies. She specializes in working with all the most advanced orthodontic systems and patients of all ages.


Dr. Leila Latić Hodžić, MD.Dent., a Specialist in Orthodontics, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in 2004, where she obtained the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine. After completing the mandatory internship, she immediately began her specialization in orthodontics, which she completed in 2008, also at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb. Just after completing her specialization, she started working at the Zagreb Dental Clinic. In 2015, she opened her own private practice specializing exclusively in orthodontics. In 2018, she defended her doctoral thesis under the title "The influence of the method of enamel preparation on the strength of the bonding of the orthodontic bracket to the tooth surface", which, in addition to the professional title of the specialist orthodontist, also earned her the scientific title of Doctor of Science.


For more than 16 years, she has been dealing exclusively with orthodontics, which is why she is constantly improving herself in this area by participating in numerous national and international congresses, seminars and private educations with renowned professors and colleagues. Continuous education and development of specialist skills enable her to have an individual approach to treatment by choosing the most adequate therapy for individual patients. For this reason, she has perfected carrying out therapy with the most important types of orthodontic devices with an emphasis on fixed therapy with self-ligating braces, especially the Damon system. She is one of the first specialist doctors in Croatia who were trained to perform this type of therapy. Keeping pace with digitalization in dental practice, in 2016 she became a licensed doctor for conducting therapy using invisible splints, that is, the Invisalign system. Such a system today represents the pinnacle in the combination of modern technology and precise tooth movement.


Dr. Leila is a permanent member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine and the American Association of Orthodontists. At the end of 2021, according to the choice of patients, she was declared one of the best doctors in the field of orthodontics in Croatia.



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