A clinic for comprehensive orthodontic solutions from diagnostics, therapy and surgical procedures - all in one place.

Medical services

The Orthodontics Center Ortolook is located not far from the center of Zagreb in a newly built residential complex near Dr. Franjo Tuđman Airport and all major roads. In all segments, the clinic was developed according to the needs of the patients and focused on high-level service. The clinic has two operating rooms, a 3D X-ray and a consultation office.

Thanks to modern equipment and many years of experience of the medical team, the Ortolook clinic provides a comprehensive orthodontic solution from diagnostics, therapy and surgical procedures all in one place.

The staff of the clinic has extensive experience in working with foreign patients, respecting all administrative procedures for possible reimbursement of expenses in the home countries.

"Just straight teeth are no longer enough to provide the patient with quality and long-lasting orthodontic results.

"Only beautiful teeth are no longer enough to satisfy the patient in terms of safety in the final outcome of the therapy."

The entire Ortolook story is summed up in these two sentences. The Ortolook team believes in honesty and builds such relationships with its patients. Patients who are clear about the basic terms of orthodontics and who know what to pay attention to during therapy are the ones who will be particularly satisfied and happy. Before choosing an orthodontist, the patient should have all the necessary information on the basis of which he decides to whom to entrust the health of his teeth.

The Orthodontics Center Ortolook is a reflection of the fundamental life and business values ​​of Dr. Leila and the entire team, who will provide you with a wealth of information about orthodontics, dental health, aesthetics and functionality of your smile right from the first meeting. At the same time, you will also get a detailed insight into what quality orthodontic therapy should look like - from getting to know the doctor to a great smile.