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As healthy as blood vessels are, so are we. Due to lifestyle, stress, genetics and several factors, the blood vessels become hard and clogged and supply less blood. Today's therapy related to blood vessels does not restore and clean the blood vessels in their entirety, but anti-clotting and cholesterol-lowering agents are given. It is surgically removed, i.e. the blocked part of the blood vessel is unclogged, a bypass or stent is placed. The most important step is the damage to the inner wall of the blood vessel, because the cholesterol that forms the so-called clot is caught on the damage to the vessel. plaque. Over time, the plaque breaks off and causes a stroke or heart attack. The most important measure in the preservation of blood vessels is the restoration of the inner wall of the blood vessel because the clot cannot stick or cause a stroke or heart attack. Cholesterol and heavy metals accumulate over time in the blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to become hard and clogged. To restore and unclog blood vessels, in addition to restoring the inner wall, it is necessary to remove heavy metals and cholesterol. The stiffer the blood vessel, the greater the risk of stroke or heart attack. The Doppler examination is not precise enough because it does not indicate the hardness of the blood vessels, and we often hear that the Doppler findings were normal, and the client died. To diagnose the true condition of blood vessels, a Doppler examination and arteriography, a device that measures the hardness of blood vessels, are needed. It is necessary to measure the so-called AEG compounds that are formed during sugar metabolism and bind to blood vessels, making them hard. A special protocol was designed using infusions, laser blood cleaning, ozone therapy, growth factors and regenerative cells. The mentioned protocol most effectively cleans, restores and unclogs blood vessels, which is a basic prerequisite for maintaining health. The problem with strokes and heart attacks is that they, unfortunately, come back. and only healthy blood vessels can maximally prevent this.


The candidates are: - patients who have had a stroke or heart attack - people exposed to stress because stress severely damages blood vessels - close relatives of people who have had a stroke or heart attack - every person after 35 to preserve blood vessels as a preventive measure - for all those who want to live longer as an anti-aging measure - people who have problems with circulation - diabetics because they have severe damage to blood vessels


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After a detailed examination, the doctor begins diagnostic procedures to determine the condition of the blood vessels and the general state of health. For this purpose, searches are carried out: 1. spectrophotometry to determine general health, heavy metal levels, stress levels, ability to defend against stress, blood vessel condition, ideal diet and many other tests 2. measurement of AEG compounds that are formed as a by-product of sugar metabolism 3. arteriography to determine the hardness of blood vessels and the condition of the heart Based on the obtained procedures, possible further laboratory tests are determined and the doctor determines the treatment plan. The goal is to improve the general state of health as much as possible and remove all risk factors. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove heavy metals, cholesterol and AEG compounds. Combinations of infusions with laser blood cleansing are used, which most effectively restore the inner wall of blood vessels, laser detox, ozone therapy and other measures of regenerative medicine. As part of the application of regenerative treatments, the doctor uses growth factors from the blood, exosomes and regenerative stem cells).


During the treatment, there is an increase in energy, you feel better and you begin to feel an improvement in circulation that continues over time.


There is no recovery or restrictions during and after the treatment.

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