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Multix Fusion Max is a digital radiography system that enables all standard X-ray quality searches along with standard radiation reduction enabled by digital technology.

Of most other digital X-ray devices, it excels in the ultra-radiative movement of the X-ray tube around the horizontal and vertical axes, with the addition of Wi-Fi portable digital detectors and special Siemens software OrthoView. It is certainly the best X-ray device in our market adapted to the needs of orthopaedics and traumatology.

OrthoView software is a tool created to assist orthopaedists, traumatologists, physicians and radiologists in the measurement of various pathological changes in axes and angles of the bone and joint system. Eg. in planning the full or partial replacement of the damaged joint (total or partial endoprosthesis), planning complicated fracture operative treatment, measuring spinal cord disorders in children and adults with scoliosis, or treating axis and posture disorders due to pelvic and lower limb deformities with panoramic radiography of the whole spine and pelvic and lower limbs.

All of these will allow our medical team an individual approach to each patient and the choice of the best treatment method for the patient.

Ivana, Patient Coordinator

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