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Dr. Desnica, the founder of Kaliper Polyclinic, is a long-standing official physician of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team. During the golden era of skiing, she was an indispensable member of the team alongside Janica and Ivica, saving the careers of many skiers. Now, she offers her invaluable experience through the "Ski Preparation" service at Kaliper Polyclinic.

Why are ski preparations at Kaliper special? Dr. Desnica and our team of experts are dedicated to providing top-notch preparations for skiers, regardless of their level of experience. In one place, you will receive a professional assessment of your current condition by Dr. Desnica, isokinetic diagnostics to identify deficits and imbalances in the musculature, and individually tailored exercises and training. In addition to isokinetics for muscle strengthening, we use the Huber device, which not only strengthens the muscles but also significantly enhances coordination, proprioception, balance, and overall body stabilization.

Our physiotherapist, Šimun, primarily responsible for preparations, is not only an expert in classical physiotherapy but also a passionate skier and skiing instructor.

What does our preparation program look like? Examination by Dr. Desnica: Every preparation starts with a medical examination by Dr. Desnica, the official physician of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team. Isokinetic Diagnostics: We use isokinetic diagnostics to determine the strength and endurance of tested muscles, imbalances, and any deficits concerning expected values. Strength Training: We employ various strength exercises paired with the isokinetic device, and all exercises are tailored to each client to strengthen key muscle groups for skiing movements. Endurance and Plyometrics: We combine endurance and plyometric training to improve overall physical endurance and the ability to react to changing slope conditions. Skiing Movement Simulation: Each training is carefully designed to simulate skiing movements, customized to the individual needs of each client. Customized for Everyone: Whether you are a recreational skier or a professional athlete, our preparations are adapted to your current condition to ensure maximum enjoyment of skiing.

Our goal is to strengthen your muscles, prepare your body for unpredictable slope conditions, and enable you to have a long and carefree skiing vacation.


Candidates are all individuals looking to prepare for upcoming skiing endeavors.


Bring sportswear and footwear, or lightweight clothing in which the patient feels unrestricted and comfortable.

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