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Obzor Holidays is your one-stop solution for all your flight bookings to Croatia for medical tourism. We take pride in offering a unique advantage for your medical tourism journey to Croatia, as we are proud to be in ownership of Croatia Airlines. When you choose us to book your flights, you benefit from the unparalleled convenience and reliability of travelling with the national carrier. Croatia Airlines direct flights connect Zagreb with multiple major European cities. We understand that seamless travel arrangements are crucial when it comes to medical journeys, and we're dedicated to making it hassle-free for you. Whether you're seeking specialized treatments or wellness programs, our team will ensure your flights are conveniently scheduled, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being. Rest easy, knowing that your health and travel needs are in capable hands as you embark on your path to wellness in Croatia, courtesy of ZagrebMed, Obzor Holidays and Croatia Airlines. Your health is our priority, your journey, our privilege.

Hotel booking

At Obzor Holidays, your comfort and preferences are our top priority. When it comes to booking your accommodation for your stay in Croatia, we take your wishes seriously. Whether you prefer a luxurious stay, a charming boutique hotel, or a cosy apartment nestled in the heart of a historic city, we tailor your accommodation to your desires. With our extensive network of trusted partners and local expertise, you can trust us to provide you with a welcoming and comfortable place to stay, ensuring that your experience in Croatia is not only medically beneficial but also a memorable and enjoyable one. Your wishes, our commitment – that's the Obzor Holidays difference. 


When it comes to your travel needs in Croatia, Obzor Holidays goes above and beyond. We take care of all your transportation requirements, ensuring seamless transfers to leisure activities. Whether you need airport pickups, private car services, or local transportation, our dedicated team ensures that you move comfortably and conveniently throughout your stay. We believe that every moment of your journey should be stress-free, so you can focus on your health and enjoy the beauty of Croatia. With Obzor Holidays, your transfers are in reliable hands.

Treatment & travel

In an effort to streamline our services, we've created our all-in-one packages. You can view examples of these pre-prepared packages here.

For any specific service, we can tailor a package to meet your needs. Just reach out to us, and we'll prepare it for you. 

Why Croatia?

Choosing Croatia for your medical stay is an inspiring decision that goes beyond healthcare. Croatia beckons with a rich heritage that's steeped in history and adorned with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Dubrovnik's fortified Old Town and the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. But it's not just ancient history that makes Croatia special; it's also the birthplace of ingenious inventors like Nikola Tesla, and Eduard Penkala the inventor of mechanical pencil and the iconic Kravata (necktie). Croatia's cultural allure continues with beautiful Zagreb and its unique attractions like the Museum of Broken Relationships, a poignant testament to the human experience, the Dražen Petrović Museum that pays tribute to a sports legend whose basketball prowess is celebrated worldwide or take a ride on the Zagreb funicular, one of the world's shortest and oldest funiculars, which is providing a charming and scenic ascent to the Upper Town, offering a glimpse into Zagreb's historical charm. By choosing Croatia, you embrace a destination that seamlessly weaves together medical care with a vibrant tapestry of heritage, art, nature, and innovation, ensuring that your medical journey becomes a holistic experience filled with cultural enrichment and lasting memories.

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