Vertebroplasty is a medical procedure used to treat pain caused by spinal fractures, especially in cases of osteoporosis. This procedure involves injecting a special medical cement into the compressed or fractured vertebral body to stabilize it and reduce pain.


Candidates for vertebroplasty are usually individuals experiencing back pain due to spinal fractures, often as a result of osteoporosis or trauma.


Preparation for the treatment may involve a review of medical history, radiological imaging to precisely locate the fracture, and discussion with the medical team about the procedure and potential risks.


During the treatment, the patient lies on their stomach on the operating table, and the area around the spine is sterilized. Then, using X-ray or CT guidance, a needle is precisely placed into the fractured vertebra, through which the cement material is injected. Once the cement hardens, the spine becomes more stable.


Results of vertebroplasty may include reduced pain and improved functionality in many patients.


Precautionary measures typically involve monitoring for potential complications such as infection, nerve damage, or cement leakage outside the vertebral body.

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