A biopsy of a tumor under CT control


A biopsy of a tumor under CT control is a medical procedure in which a tissue sample is taken from a tumor, all under the supervision of computed tomography (CT) for precision. 

A biopsy of a tumor under CT control is a safe and effective way to obtain a tissue sample of the tumor for diagnostic analysis. With proper preparation, the procedure itself, and subsequent care, most patients recover successfully with an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.


Candidates for a biopsy of a tumor under CT control are typically patients suspected of having a tumor based on symptoms, physical examination, or results of other diagnostic tests. CT-guided biopsy is often used when the tumor is located in areas that are difficult to access or when precise needle guidance is needed to avoid important anatomical structures.


Preparation for a biopsy of a tumor under CT control may involve a detailed review of the patient's medical history, blood laboratory tests, and other diagnostic tests. Patients should inform their doctor about their allergies, previous surgeries, and current medical therapy. Before the procedure, the patient will be informed about the procedure and potential risks.


During a biopsy of a tumor under CT control, the patient is positioned on a CT scanning table, and the CT scanner is used to precisely locate the tumor. Once the tumor is located, a thin needle is guided through the skin to the tumor under CT guidance to take a tissue sample for further analysis.


The results of a biopsy of a tumor under CT control allow for an accurate diagnosis of the tumor and determination of the treatment plan. Histopathological analysis of the tissue sample provides information about the type of tumor, degree of malignancy, and other characteristics that are important for further disease management.


After the biopsy, patients should follow their doctor's instructions for postoperative care, monitor the puncture site on the skin for signs of infection or bleeding, and avoid excessive physical exertion. It is also important to monitor any changes in health status and inform the doctor of any complications.

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