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Renew lift ultrasonic facelift is a cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production and achieve a tightening effect on the skin of the face. 


Candidates for Renew lift are usually individuals who notice a loss of skin firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, sagging skin, or other similar skin conditions. Those seeking mild facelift and rejuvenation without invasive procedures are often suitable candidates for this type of treatment.


Prior to the treatment, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist or cosmetic expert to assess the skin's condition and determine suitability for the treatment. In addition, it is important to cleanse the skin and remove makeup before starting the procedure.


Renew lift ultrasonic facelift is typically performed using a special handheld probe that emits focused ultrasound waves deep into the skin. These waves stimulate collagen production, resulting in skin tightening and lifting. The procedure itself can be customized depending on the treatment area and the specific needs of the patient.


After the treatment, an improvement in skin tone, reduced wrinkles, and overall facial skin tightening may be noticeable. Results are usually gradual and can be achieved naturally by stimulating collagen production. For optimal results, multiple treatments at specific intervals are recommended.


After the treatment, it is important to follow the expert's recommendations for skin care to preserve and extend the achieved results. The use of high-quality skincare products and regular sun protection are also important to prevent premature skin aging.


When are the first results visible?

The first mild results are visible immediately after the treatment, bigger changes on the face are visible 3 - 6 months, and the final 8 months after the treatment when the body replaces the old collagen with new.

What regions are covered by the treatment?

The treatment covers the entire face and neck area.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is minimally painful. At first, you may feel discomfort during the passage of ultrasound energy through the tissue, but after a few minutes you will get used to it and enjoy the treatment.

How many times is it necessary to come for treatment?

Most clients only need one treatment, but some are recommended to repeat in order to achieve the best results. Whether additional treatment will be needed depends on the body's reaction to Renew lift and the initial condition of the skin, which will be assessed by our experts.

How long does recovery take after treatment?

Since Renew lift is a non-invasive method of rejuvenation, no recovery is required after the treatment. After the treatment, you can return to your daily activities.

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