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Total Hip Endoprosthesis (TEP), also known as total hip replacement, is a surgical procedure designed to replace a damaged or deteriorated hip joint with an artificial joint, or prosthesis. The hip joint consists of a ball-and-socket structure, and TEP involves replacing the damaged femoral head (ball) and the hip socket (acetabulum) with prosthetic components. This procedure is typically performed to relieve pain, improve mobility, and enhance the quality of life for individuals with conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or hip fractures.

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  • Round trip ticket with Croatia Airlines
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Candidates for total hip endoprosthesis are individuals who suffer from chronic hip pain, reduced mobility, and decreased quality of life due to hip joint issues. Common reasons for TEP include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, hip fractures, or congenital hip deformities. Our surgeon will evaluate the specific condition and the individual's overall health to determine if they are a suitable candidate for this procedure.


Preparation for total hip endoprosthesis typically involves the following steps: Medical Evaluation: Our surgeon will conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation, which may include blood tests, imaging scans, and a review of overall health. Medication Review: The individual may be advised to adjust or discontinue certain medications, particularly blood-thinning drugs, prior to the surgery. Lifestyle Adjustments: The surgeon may recommend certain lifestyle modifications, such as exercise and dietary changes, to improve overall health before the procedure. Pre-operative Counseling: There will be a pre-operative consultation with the surgeon to discuss the procedure, its risks, benefits, and expected outcomes. This is an opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns.


Anesthesia: General or regional anesthesia will be administered to ensure that the individual is comfortable and pain-free during the surgery. Incision: The surgeon makes an incision to access the hip joint. Removal of Damaged Tissue: The damaged femoral head and hip socket are removed. Prosthesis Placement: Artificial hip joint components are implanted into the prepared bone surfaces. These components typically consist of a metal stem inserted into the femur, a metal or ceramic ball that replaces the femoral head, and a cup-shaped component placed in the acetabulum. Closure: The incision is closed with stitches or staples. Recovery: The individual will be monitored in a recovery area as they wake up from anesthesia.


Rehabilitation following total hip endoprosthesis is essential to regain strength, mobility, and function. The duration of rehabilitation varies depending on the individual and the specific procedure performed. Physical therapy is a key component of rehabilitation and helps with exercises to improve hip movement and muscle strength. Typically, rehabilitation can last several weeks to a few months.


There are precautions to take after TEP to ensure a successful recovery: Avoid activities that put excessive stress on the hip, such as heavy lifting or high-impact exercises. Follow the surgeon's post-operative instructions regarding weight-bearing restrictions and the use of assistive devices like crutches or walkers. Keep the surgical site clean and dry to prevent infection. Attend scheduled follow-up appointments with our surgeon for monitoring and evaluation of the healing process. Inform healthcare providers about the hip prosthesis before any medical or dental procedures, as antibiotics may be required to prevent infection.


Traveling with family, can they also get a discounted airfare?

You, along with all members of your family, are eligible for discounted airfare.

For which flights can I obtain a discounted airfare?

Discounts on airfare are applicable for Croatia Airlines direct flights to/from the following cities: Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Munich, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zurich, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, and Zadar.

How many nights does the package include?

The package includes as many nights as you need, based on your medical requirements.

Can the package include only treatment and the flight?

The package can include all services from the package, and it can also contain fewer services than those in the package itself. Each package is tailored to you and your needs, and it's possible to receive only one service from the package.

Is the package exclusively tied to Croatia Airlines?

The package is not exclusively tied to Croatia Airlines. If you are coming from a location where Croatia Airlines does not have direct flights, please contact us, and we will find another suitable airline for you.

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