Dr. Kristina Pilipovic


Dr. Kristina Pilipović graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb. She obtained her license for independent work and passed the state professional exam in 2014, after which she continued with education and training at numerous courses and congresses following the latest trends in dental medicine. Her graduation thesis was published in the magazine Acta clinica Croatica. During her studies she volunteered in a private polyvalent practice where she gained her first experience. She mainly deals with aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics and implant prosthetics. She is very meticulous in her work and pays attention to details, which proves her excellence in the treatment of periodontal diseases with modern lasers and endodontic treatment of root canals as they are the basis for all permanent work.


Dr. med. dent. Kristina Pilipović graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in 2012, and in 2014, she passed the state exam. During her studies, she volunteered at a private polyclinic, where she also completed her internship. Languages: Croatian, English, Italian (basics)


She has been gaining her work experience since her student days. After obtaining her license for independent work, she was employed in a renowned dental center in Zagreb, where her experience with dental medicine began. Ever since she joined Bagatin Clinic, she works daily with domestic and foreign clients. She has hundreds of satisfied clients whose lives were changed after she brought back healthy smiles to their faces.


She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine.



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