Dr. Domagoj Vergles


Domagoj Vergles, MD, is a specialist in general and subspecialist abdominal surgery at the Department of Abdominal Surgery of the Clinic for Surgery of the KB Dubrava, where he completed specialization in general surgery and subspecialization in abdominal surgery. In addition to the surgical treatment of the entire pathology of abdominal surgery, he also deals with surgical treatment of obese patients (bariatric surgery). He was educated in the field of laparoscopic surgery of colorectal cancer at the Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona and in the field of laparoscopic surgery of diseases of the upper digestive tract and laparoscopic surgery of obesity at the Kaunas Medical University Hospital in Lithuania. He completed the bariatric surgery course "Duke University - Shanghai Pudong Masters of Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery" in Shanghai. He is the co-author of 16 papers in indexed medical journals, 3 chapters in medical books and 27 papers presented at international congresses.



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