Dr. Dalibor Franceski


Dalibor Franćeski, MD, has been a specialist in radiology since 2008. Throughout his career, he deals with case studies of the head and neck region (oncology, traumatology and developmental anomalies) with neuroradiology, and in cooperation with the departments of Maxillofacial Surgery and ENT at K.B. Dubrava, Zagreb. For the last 5 years, he has been intensively dealing with diagnostics of the locomotor system region, with an emphasis on sports injuries. The doctor is an associate of the volleyball club Mladost Zagreb. As a lecturer and expert associate at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb, he participates in postgraduate studies in the field of radiology for students and residents of radiology, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry/oral medicine. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Radiologists, the European Society of Radiology, and the Croatian and European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology.



Akromion - the largest private hospital for orthopedics and traumatology in Croatia.