Patela Clinic is a reliable partner in taking care of your orthopedic health and sports success.

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Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Patela Clinic, a long-standing leader in the region, represents an excellent choice for orthopedic practice and the care of sports injuries. Established in 2009, our clinic is dedicated to providing the best care for athletes and everyday patients with orthopedic needs.

Our primary area of work includes specialized orthopedic practice with a special emphasis on the treatment of sports injuries, diagnostics, and prevention. With the help of modern methods, we treat various injuries and tissue damage, significantly improving postoperative recovery.

Every treatment at Patela Clinic begins with a thorough examination by specialized orthopedists. Based on these examinations, we determine an individual approach to treatment, collaborating with our expert kinesiologists. Our goal is to ensure the best care and postoperative recovery for every patient.

Years of experience working with thousands of top athletes guarantee the quality of sports injury treatment and chronic conditions. Additionally, we are focused on preparing athletes for injury prevention, ensuring their continuous excellent performance.

We offer the latest technologies and the expertise needed for a fast and safe recovery. Your well-being and sports success are our priority.