By ZagrebMed
In the world of skiing, the name Dr. Desnica resonates with a legacy of excellence. Renowned as the official physician of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team during the golden era of skiing, Dr. Desnica played a pivotal role alongside legends Janica and Ivica. Today, she channels her invaluable experience into the "ski preparation" service at Kaliper Polyclinic, offering skiers an opportunity to enhance their skills and enjoy the slopes with confidence.

Why choose Kaliper for ski preparations?

At Kaliper Polyclinic, they take pride in providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to ski preparations. Dr. Desnica and their team of experts are dedicated to catering to skiers of all levels, ensuring each individual receives the attention and care they deserve.

The Kaliper advantage

  • Professional assessment by Dr. Desnica: Every ski preparation journey at Kaliper begins with a thorough medical examination by Dr. Desnica herself, bringing the expertise gained from years with the Croatian Alpine Ski Team.
  • Isokinetic diagnostics: The isokinetic diagnostics assess the strength and endurance of key muscle groups, identifying any imbalances or deficits. This data forms the foundation for a personalized preparation plan.
  • Holistic training with the Huber device: Kaliper goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating the Huber device. This cutting-edge technology not only strengthens muscles but also enhances coordination, proprioception, balance, and overall body stabilization.

Meet Šimun – your dedicated physiotherapist

Šimun, a skilled physiotherapist, is not only an expert in classical physiotherapy but also a passionate skier and skiing instructor. His dual expertise ensures that your ski preparations are not only effective but also tailored to the unique demands of the sport.

The Kaliper ski preparation program

  • Strength training: Tailored exercises, paired with the isokinetic device, focus on strengthening key muscle groups crucial for optimal skiing movements.
  • Endurance and plyometrics: The program combines endurance and plyometric training, enhancing overall physical endurance and the ability to react effectively to changing slope conditions.
  • Skiing movement simulation: Each session is carefully designed to simulate real skiing movements, ensuring that your body is well-prepared for the challenges that the slopes may present.
  • Customized for everyone: Whether you're a recreational skier or a seasoned professional, the preparations are adapted to your current condition, guaranteeing maximum enjoyment on the slopes.

At Kaliper Polyclinic, the goal is clear – to strengthen your muscles, prepare your body for unpredictable slope conditions, and provide you with the foundation for a long and carefree skiing vacation. With Dr. Desnica's legacy and the team's dedication, Kaliper is redefining ski preparations, taking them to new heights, and ensuring that every skier achieves their peak performance on the snow-covered slopes.